Dating adverts psychology

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Dating adverts psychology - dating bolivia men with love

The researchers suggest the software does this by picking up on subtle differences in facial structure.With the right data sets, Dr Kosinski says, similar AI systems might be trained to spot other intimate traits, such as IQ or political views.

But they will be helped by ever-growing volumes of data and improving algorithms.

To demonstrate this weakness, the researchers selected 1,000 men at random with at least five photographs, but in a ratio of gay to straight that more accurately reflects the real world; approximately seven in every 100.

When asked to select the 100 males most likely to be gay, only 47 of those chosen by the system actually were, meaning that the system ranked some straight men as more likely to be gay than men who actually are.这项研究有其局限性。首先,约会网站上的照片很可能会特别彰显个人的性取向。91%的准确率是有前提的——已知显示照片的两名男子中有一人是同性恋。在实验室之外,准确率会低得多。为展示这一弱点,研究人员随机选取1000名男子,每人至少有五张照片,但其中男同和直男的比例更接近于现实世界的情况——每100人中约有7人为同性恋。在被要求挑出100名最有可能是同性恋的男子时,系统选择的人中只有47人是男同。这表明,在系统看来,某些直男比真正的男同更像同性恋。However, when asked to pick out the ten faces it was most confident about, nine of the chosen were in fact gay.

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He invented psychometric profiling using Facebook data, which relies upon information in a person’s profile to model their personality.

The Trump campaign used similar models during last year’s presidential campaign to target voters, an approach which has generated criticism.科辛斯基并非第一次涉足争议性研究。他之前发明过基于Facebook数据的心理测量分析方法,利用人们个人资料中的信息估测其个性。去年美国总统大选时,特朗普的竞选团队就采用过类似的模型来定位目标选民,这种方法引来了批评。Dr Kosinski says he conducted the research as a demonstration, and to warn policymakers of the power of machine vision.These are known to play a role in developing facial structures, and may similarly be involved in determining sexuality.The researchers suggest their system can pick up subtle signals of the latter from the former.In parts of the world where being gay is socially unacceptable, or illegal, such software could pose a serious threat to safety.Dr Kosinski is at pains to make clear that he has invented no new technology, merely bolted together software and data that are readily available to anyone with an internet connection.Medical researchers have trained AI in smartphones to detect cancerous lesions; a Google system can make precise guesses about the year a photograph was taken, simply because it has seen more photos than a human could ever inspect, and has spotted patterns that no human could.现代人工智能(以下简称AI)深受推崇。归根到底,就是因为它那从大量数据中发掘模式的超人能力。Facebook已利用这种能力绘制出空前详尽的贫困地区地图,它使用的AI系统学会了如何在卫星图片中辨认人类居住区域;医疗研究人员训练智能手机中的AI程序来检测癌症病变;谷歌的一套系统可以准确猜出照片拍摄的年份,只因为该系统看过的照片数量之多非人力所能及,因而能发现人类无法察觉的模式。AI’s power to pick out patterns is now turning to more intimate matters.