Dating a heavy pot smoker

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Dating a heavy pot smoker

Alice, a 37-year-old mom in Madison, WI, made a recent walk with her two daughters more fun by naming the neighborhood wildlife, starting with Squirrely Squirrelerson and his cousin, Squirrelster Mc Squirrelstein."My 4-year-old cracked up, and that made my 2-year-old dissolve into giggles," remembers Alice.

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Had we been stoned, we would not have been able to give him emergency care, nor drive him to the ER or make coherent decisions about his needs." Occasional users may think that safety concerns don't apply to them, but the less often they use pot, the more altered they will be when they do."My kids demanded that I name every animal in sight, and I encouraged them to think of their own names, too." Cute story, right?Is it less cute if I tell you that Mom was a little bit stoned?"I have mixed feelings, because I think marijuana probably does have beneficial uses for ADHD and depression, but it hasn't been properly studied," he says."If it was regulated and labeled by the appropriate agencies, it could be a tool."If you have to smoke pot to get through the day with your family, there is something wrong," she says.

When Lynn was a teen, her mom used to smoke marijuana, and Lynn it."I probably wouldn't have been all that engaged with my kids.But the stoned mama that I was that day made fun out of the mundane." Lynn, a 32-year-old mother of three from Arlington, TX, would most certainly not find that story amusing.But I don't prescribe it, because it's not safe or regulated."Pot also comes with side effects and risks.Marijuana is notably less toxic and addictive than alcohol or cigarettes, but you can still get hooked.Recently, "My son got a big splinter in his foot and was freaking out, but because I'd had a little weed, I was able to be super-calm and pluck it out quickly," she recalls.