Dating a cross

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Paul is a lawyer and hid his cross-dressing for the first twenty years of their marriage.

You think you’re practically fluent because you can say “thanks” and “good morning”, but when you try to speak [insert language here] the response can be just the tiniest bit awkward: Let’s not pretend you starting dating him or her for any other reason besides the food.

Ok, just kidding, but learning about your partner’s culture through cuisine can be amazing!

Who knew that stewed beef tongue or balls of deep fried and dough wrapped chicken could be so delicious? Introducing your world to someone else can be equally as exciting as being introduced to someone else’s!

Perhaps he is on your turf for a long work stint abroad, or you are on his to study and explore.

Or maybe you are both navigating the perils of living in a new country at the same time.

Many cross-dressers are divorced after many years of marriage.

It may be their first or second marriage, most have kids and some even have grandchildren.

It still wasn’t enough for her and they ended up getting divorced. His femme side, Maggie, is a bigger part of his life now that he is free to be out, without repercussion from his wife.

His children know about Maggie and have accepted their father, both as Maggie and Paul.

Paul wants to do it right this time, no longer keeping his femme side a secret and telling this potential love interest the truth from the beginning. Yet, dating a cross-dresser is a new experience for most women and because cross-dressers have had this secret society, women don’t understand them and think they are all transgender people wanting to transition into a woman, as if they are all Bruce Jenner’s.

Yet, he has found that this continues to be a challenge for him to find the right woman. Here are some concerns women have when dating a cross-dresser and some tips for dealing with these issues: So, how does a cross-dresser find love? Being upfront and honest, along with being comfortable with your own self-identity goes a long way in finding a mate.

But just because your newfound love is international, doesn’t mean that it has a doomed fate.

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    Going slowly in making any decisions about a relationship are more likely to be better ones than moving quickly (unless it is clear that the relationship is not a good fit).

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