Dangers of online dating articles

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Dangers of online dating articles

Although the cruise line always refunds their fares, several people have complained that they have been "inconvenienced" and want to see if they a lawsuit for being a victim of "discrimination." I do not respond to such inquires, which have involved to date only people who had booked cruises with Carnival and Royal Caribbean and were notified by these cruise lines that they had been identified on a sexual offender database.

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Many thousands of these sexual offenders go on cruises each year.Even after being criminally convicted of their sexual crimes and placed on the National Sex Offender Public Website, they think that they really didn't do anything wrong and they should be entitled to the same privileges as people who didn't commit sexual crimes.I have represented far too many people sexually assaulted on cruise ships, including dozens of children sexually abused during cruises, to have any tolerance for sexual offenders protesting that they were not permitted to cruise.The 45 year old cabin attendant is alleged to have sexually abused a 10 year old boy traveling with his German parents on the MSC cruise ship during a Baltic cruise.The minor's parents were reportedly at a performance in the ship's theater when the Indian crew member entered the cabin "supposedly to change towels." Another German newspaper, the Berliner Kurier, reported that the steward tried to entertain the boy by folding towel animals before pulling the child's pants down.Some men go on cruises for the primary purpose of abusing children.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about a 71 year old man from Pennsylvania (photo left) who cruised on the Royal Caribbean and went went into the cruise ship's water zone and fondled a 6-year-old boy.

MSC is accused of flying the crew member back to India rather than turning him over to law enforcement.

The newspaper states that the sexual molestation occurred in 2015 on the .

Its up to the cruise lines to screen their passengers and most cruise lines don't. and Australia have sexual offender databases, and very few countries have any online databases permitting any cruise line or hiring agents from knowing whether job applicants from the countries where crew members are hired (India, Indonesia, and the Caribbean islands) have been arrested or convicted of sexual or violent crimes. Don't forget that most sexual offenses historically have not been committed by people listed on the sexual offender websites. Photo credit: Top - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Bottom - U. Customs and Border Protection on September 30th for raping a younger woman aboard a ferry.

It seems like only Carnival and Royal Caribbean do. I have handled over 100 cases and not a single one was committed by a known sexual predator, to my knowledge. The arrest took place when the ship arrived in Värtahamnen, a port in Stockholm, Sweden.

The cabin attendant told the child not to tell his parents anything.

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