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Curteich postcards dating - dating peter jarvis

They not only provided the only rail passenger service to the Park but supplemental transportation to its inns.At this time they began publishing postcards, many with unusual pictorial backs to promote their services.

This firm began by opening a gallery in Beirut selling art and antiquities, and then went on to produce crafted objects and furniture in oriental design.

Formed when Louis Prang sold out the interests in his lithographic firm to the Taber Art Company, then operating out of New Bedford, MA.

They started printing view-cards of Boston and holiday cards in 1898.

Photographers who published photo books and black & white and glossy postcards in tinted halftone of views and Types from their work. A notable set was made of the colonial architecture in Williamsburg, Virginia. who was most likely the owner of the Runta Import Co.

These cards may bare either the name of Runta, Vontobel, or K. All cards were printed in color gravure and have white borders with an irregular edge.

This railroad that primarily transported coal and lumber had a history of slow expansion.

In 1904 with the founding of Mount Rainier National Park their business greatly grew with the influx of tourists.After 1931 they closed and reopened a number of times under different names. After his arrival he became an assistant to fellow New Zealand photographer John Davis who had come to Samoa thirteen years earlier.Tattersall captured many images of views and types and when Davis died he continued printing his negatives.Additional Photos: 1 2 3 4 Set of 12 US Military Photo Postcards from South Worthington, Massachusetts These 12 postcards are black and white photos with various military scenes depicted. Conwel Birth Place 'The Eagle's Nest' South Worthington, Mass." Another two are labeled "Organization Day 7th J. Additional Photos: 1 2 Set of 9 Canadian and Northern U. Lithograph Postcards These 9 postcards all feature scenes of the Northeastern United States and Canada in lithograph or sepia photo. Listed printers include Valentine & Sons and Warwick Bro's & Rutter.Additional Photos: 1 Bound 1852 - 1853 Newspaper Issues of The Daily Patriot from Concord, NH This hardcover bound set of newspaper issues includes June 3, 1852 to Janutary 10, 1853 of The Daily Patriot. Front and back covers are broken away from binding. Edges of most of the pages are tattered and folded. It was mailed in 1912 to Jamaica Plain, Massaschusetts and has a one cent stamp. There are five images of locations on the front of the card, all identified with text. ticonderoga cooper's cave, glens falls the bridge over hudson river, glens falls bloody pond between lake george and glens falls, scene of a desperate battle between the englisha nd french, 1755 main entrance, queensbury hotelfinch pruyn paper co masonic temple, geneva state street, looking south, carthage water aeration plant ahokan reservoir, catskill mts. Additional Photos: 1 2 3Set of Four Vintage Colored Postcards of Maine This is a group of four colored postcards of Maine. Institute of Technology, / Gardners Lake, Maine." It was mailed in 1914 to Jamaica Plain, Mass and has a one cent stamp. It says "OLD ORCHARD BEACH, ME RESIDENCE OF THOMAS GOODALL." This was mailed from Old Orchard to Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts with a one cent stamp.

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