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In Cuba, if you have no dollars, you have nothing." When asked if he controlled the women's business he laughed and added, "No, they control my business.

Tourists from all over the world pre-book, and in some cases booking on the spot, tours that are thinly disguised weekend sex tours to Havana.Trade relationships with the USSR and Eastern Europe had accounted for over two-thirds of Cuba's foreign commerce. placed an embargo on Cuba aimed at bringing down its political structure.The country was forced to develop a new economic strategy and as a result adopted tourism as a basic pillar. The embargo greatly weakened, and continues to weaken, the Cuban economy by banning trade and investment in Cuba.At a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Malecon, Cuba's shoreline which runs almost the entire length of Havana, scores of Cuban men can be found working as translators for the women and their potential clients in hopes of getting a small cut, perhaps a drink and on a successful day a full meal.On the streets some men remind the passing tourists that they know beautiful Cuban women who would like to know foreigners and also make the introductions between the foreign men and Cuban women.Sex tourists flock to Havana and other cities in search of a form of escapism that is cheap, safe and exotic.

In Cuba, foreign men can command Cuban women and girls with the same ease used to order cocktails.Consequently, the Cuban government strengthened its attempts to lure tourists to Cuba in order to promote revenue.As a result of its dependence on tourism, Cuba has once again turned into a playground for those in search of cheap cigars, rum and prostitutes.This is obvious by the number of women seen in the streets, bars and hotels openly soliciting foreign men.It is difficult to obtain statistics on the number of sex tourists and sex workers since it is considered illegal but what is known is that one-fourth of the investments in Cuba have been made in the tourist industry, making it one of the country's most dynamic economic sectors.In addition to Mexico, the Bahamas serves as a conduit for those tourists, particularly Americans, who are unable to legally travel to Cuba.