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The Alcázar was built during the Almohad dynasty that ruled southern Spain until the Reconquista.The cathedral dates to the 15th century and holds the tombs of Ferdinand III and Christopher Columbus.

During the high period of the Moorish rule of the region, Córdoba had over 300 mosques and architecture that compared to that of Constantinople, Damascus, and Baghdad.

It developed its own style of Pre-Romanesque art and architecture that is displayed in various churches and other monuments.

The original entry titled "Churches of the Kingdom of the Asturias" and was extended to include other monuments such as La Foncalada.

The city was first conquered by the Carthaginians in the 3rd century, and later ruled by the Romans and Moors.

The city centre represents Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture.

UNESCO data: the site's reference number; the year the site was inscribed on the World Heritage List; the criteria it was listed under: criteria i through vi are cultural, while vii through x are natural; (the column sorts by year added to the list)The Cave of Altamira contains examples of cave painting from the Upper Paleolithic period, ranging from 35,000 to 11,000 BC.

The original listing contained seventeen decorated caves.The Albayzín district contains examples of the Moorish vernacular architecture and was added to the listing in 1994.El Escorial is one of several Spanish royal sites due to its history as a residence of the royal family.The original listing contained four churches in Teruel in the Mudéjar style, a blending of traditional Islamic and contemporary European styles.In 2001, the listing was expanded to include an additional six monuments.The fund provides € 600,000 annually to a chosen program.

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