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Craigslist dating experiences - Chatgo net

He would called me and tell me about it, bragging and stuff. He told me that he had plans to meet up with this really hot girl in a hotel room somewhere on the east side.

He texted me back apologizing, but I never responded. Nosa J4297 My brother almost met a child molester on craigslist.I had him send me some pictures of it to confirm that it was mine. Met this girl in a Wendy’s parking lot, she gave me the cd case. I demanded my back, she looked at me and said if I did anything other than leave, she would lie and say I assaulted her. Repeatedly demand to search both vehicles, which my new friend is adamantly against (and this being San Francisco, not too surprising). After a hassle of trying to find the place we get in the apartment, the couch is in REALLY good condition, and it was retail listed for 00, but we were paying 0.I contacted the police and we set up a sting operation at the local Starbucks and caught the guy. I pulled out my phone and started to pretend to record her (my cell at the time had no camera) and she started stumbling around, pretending I had attacked her. They were moving the next day and really needed to sell it.I tried to calm him down by saying that I had only had the ad in for one day, and I would be glad to call him if I couldn’t sell it for my asking price.He angrily decided he still wanted it, and left to go to his bank to get the , slamming my door behind him so hard that the house shook.My dad decided it would be a good idea to do a background check on my brother’s potential boss. So being pissed off I thought I would check Craigslist and guess what? Backup completely randomly is a regular Magic: The Gathering player.

The guy who stole was trying to sell it on Craigslist two towns over. Tapeworms I went to buy a semi-rare video game (Final Fantasy Tactics, before it became a Greatest Hit). We both promptly get detained by said police, who are absolutely convinced that this is some sort of complicated drug trafficking. Spends ten minutes convincing other officers that this is not, in fact, a complex drug deal. Venomftr Not terribly wrong, but my gf and I arranged to buy a couch off of a couple in a fairly bad neighborhood.Who Knows Im Stoned I bought a bike from a man in a grocery store parking lot. I was flooded with scam emails saying, “I would like to purchase this item for my brother/uncle/nephew/etc.His flaccid penis was sticking out of his zipper for the entire duration of the transaction. Vivichase I once met up with some guy on Craigslist to buy his used copy of Fallout 3, and I had deliberately left out the fact that I was girl since I assumed that it would help minimize the creeper potential. 40 minutes later, he’s still trying to convince me to trade the game for sex. Cloudnyne I got robbed at gunpoint when I tried to sell my ex-fiancée’s engagement ring on Craigslist. who is studying/volunteering/doing missionary work in Nigeria.I pulled into the Wal-Mart and there has to be three or four cop cars around a cherry red Mustang. Ahalavais Selling sealed Magic: The Gathering boxes. They meet up in a parking lot talking and nothing strange, the buyer wants to test-drive the car just in the parking lot.The guy was sitting on the curb while they took out a bunch of shit from his car. Get a response; arrange to meet at a Starbucks open twenty-four hours. See that there is conveniently an ATM on the same block. There’s a trio of police cars out front, also drinking coffee and talking. My sister’s bf hands him the keys and the guy just drove off.Good thing he didn’t go that night because on the news there were stories of people getting jumped and robbed at that hotel when trying to meet up with people from Craigslist.

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