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Unpacking other layers of this case also revealed how CICIG may have missed an opportunity to upend a powerful CIACS.Luis Mendizábal, the man who handed out DVDs at Rosenberg’s funeral, was a key CICIG informant in the case, and many of those interviewed by In Sight Crime said that Mendizábal was manipulating the commission. Mendizábal was a classic Machiavellian in the Guatemalan style — part tailor, part coup-plotter and part crime fighter.

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Herrera was part of a select group of police who was working under Victor Rivera Azuaje, a shadowy Venezuelan who had worked for years with Central American governments and the private sector, dealing with kidnappings and other security matters. Rosenberg believed that Khalil’s assassination was related to an invitation he had received to join Banrural’s board of directors.Like any arm of the justice system, the United Nations-backed International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (Comisión Internacional Contra la Impunidad en Guatemala – CICIG) had its battles with elites who used their charm and their muscle to try to influence what and who the celebrated commission would investigate.On the morning of February 19, 2007, three Salvadoran members of the Central American Parliament and their driver crossed into Guatemala to attend a meeting with other regional delegates.“From what we know, the answer is a resounding no,” he said.“We believe the evidence shows that Rodrigo Rosenberg was acting alone. Only these brothers.”But in the end, Castresana’s “verdad interina” remained just that: provisional.In addition to his high profile relationship with the Pollo Campero chicken business, Gutiérrez Mayorga had a television program — “Libre Encuentro” (Open Encounter) — and many said that he aspired to be president.

His high profile made him the face of the G8 and brought him into direct conflict with his enemies.

Rosenberg was Mendizábal’s lawyer, and was helping him fight the decision by the Colom administration to give a lucrative government contract to a rival bidder.

For his part, Mendizábal was acting as Rosenberg’s handler in his personal investigation of the murder of his lover and was feeding Rosenberg information about the supposed conspiracy fostered at Banrural.

Just days after Castresana’s theatrical revelation about Rosenberg’s suicide-murder, the CICIG arrested former Guatemalan President Alfonso Portillo on corruption charges.

It was one of a series of arrests Guatemalan authorities would make during 2009 and early 2010 for a case the Attorney General’s Office had built against the ex-president and several of his top administrators for embezzling money from the Defense Ministry’s pension funds.

Of these two, it is Gutiérrez Mayorga (pictured) who is more frequently cited as trying to influence Castresana.

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