Consolidating worksheets in excel 2016

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Click on the source workbook, then click the Update Values dialogue box.If you need to change the source workbook, go to the Edit Links dialogue box.

If you open a workbook that contains several external reference links, you will see the Startup Prompt dialogue box.

If your worksheets are not structured the same, this may be the best route to go.

You can use the Consolidate dialogue box to consolidate worksheets in the same workbook – or in different workbooks. Rows and columns are what Excel uses to match data in source worksheets.

If the information linked to in the source workbook is updated or changed, those updates or changes will be reflected in the dependent workbook as well.

To link one workbook to another, you will use an external reference formula.

Click on the source workbook that you want to change, then click the Change Source button.

You will then see the following dialogue box: Select a new source file, then click the Open button.If the worksheets are not structured the same, you can still use formulas; however, make sure that each formula refers to the proper cell.Arguably, the best way to consolidate worksheets is to use the Consolidate dialogue box.It is dependent on the information in the other workbook.The source workbook contains the information used in the dependent workbook.Consolidating worksheets or workbooks can be easy if the information is the same.