Consolidating multiple pdf files into one

19-May-2019 19:37 by 7 Comments

Consolidating multiple pdf files into one

Need to keep prying eyes away from important documents?

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Yes I was hitting 'Delete All' in the snapshot manager.

In the past all I would need to do is create a snapshot & then hit the Delete All from SM and it would consolidate all of the individual vmdk's to a single one.

Windows Mac OS XPassword-Protected ZIP File Community Q&A Need to send a bunch of files to someone through email?

Want to save some space on your computer by consolidating all of your old pictures?

As such, when a snap is created, they are separate.

It's hard to say exactly why they're pointing to the number snap that they are, but otherwise pointing to -xxx and _1-xxx is 'normal'. VMware v Center Converter Standalone 4.x Documentation v Center Converter Standalone 4.3 User Guide well it looks like there are some viable options there..I'm most inclined to try the cmd prompts on the ESX but will need to wait until users are least affected by my tinkering..You have a WHOLE BUNCH of snapshots listed there, so it would take a while for the snapshots to commit to the parent disk, then delete.~coolsport00 Guess I had a typo in the original post...And you are correct, if you just create a new snap, then go into Snap Mgr and Delete All, it 'should' commit, then delete ALL the snaps listed. Use cmd line - see KB here: or you can try Cloning the VM (assuming you have v Center Server; see here: or, you can use v Center Converter Standalone ( both of which (Clone & Convert) would commit and remove the snaps.

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