Company policy on dating in the workplace

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Company policy on dating in the workplace - lava dating 24 hours

We don’t want to place undue restrictions on employees dating colleagues, as we acknowledge that freedom of choosing one’s partner is an individual’s right.But, without rules and guidelines, romantic relationships between colleagues may negatively impact our workplace.

Dating colleagues may cause problems if not handled correctly.Examples of common concerns are: When serious problems arise between couples, they can arrange a meeting with HR or their manager to find a solution.Example of a possible solution is to consult with and transfer an employee to a different division, without loss of benefits or compensation.HR is responsible for determining appropriate penalties.Employees are also obliged to behave appropriately towards their colleagues who date each other.This rule may be less strict in cases when managers enter into a consenting relationship with an employee from another team or department.

When this happens, they must inform HR as soon as possible.

When two employees are in a relationship with one another, they should behave appropriately in the workplace.

We define unacceptable behavior as any action that: Employees who exhibit unacceptable behavior will face progressive discipline, up to and including termination in cases of repeated violations.

It’s to their best interest not to conceal their relationship as they may provoke disciplinary action if and when they are discovered.

HR will evaluate the situation and act accordingly (e.g.

The woman’s boss engaged in a range of other conduct of a sexual nature. However, the court also found that certain acts – including giving the woman gifts of a sexual nature, such as underwear, sending explicit text messages and attempting to share a bunk bed – was unwelcome sexual harassment Sexual harassment in the workplace is against the law.