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This study examined data from a sample of undergraduate students in regard to their attitudes toward and experience with finding a mate on line.Data The data consisted of 191 never married undergraduates enrolled in courtship and marriage courses at a large southeastern university who voluntarily completed an anonymous 28 questionnaire designed to assess their attitude toward and involvement in the use of the Internet for selecting a mate.

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Implications for university faculty, therapists, and students are suggested.Completed Spring 2015, the Center for Natural Sciences houses classrooms, an auditorium, and more than 30 laboratories designed for hands-on learning, including an advanced anatomy lab and a cell culture lab.The facility has more than million in equipment, including a GC mass spectrometer and a gene sequencer.Sixteen percent of our respondents ended up meeting the person face to face. Almost half (49.2%) of the respondents reported that they felt "less shy on the Internet than face to face." Schnarch (1997) observed that on line interaction promotes a high degree of self-presentation and makes it easier for persons to take small relationship steps.Similarly, Wysocki (1998) reported that on line communications occur in a context which makes it easier and quicker for persons to get to know each other. One of the newest trends in finding a partner is doing so on line.

Parks et al (1998) noted that virtual on line interactions provide a powerful context for the formation of personal relationships.The highest percentage of respondents reported that they were looking for honesty (86%), someone who "loves me" (83%), dependability (70%), and being faithful and monogamous (69%) as characteristics they regarded as absolutely essential in a future spouse. Most respondents were successful meeting someone on line.Sixty percent (59.8) of the respondents reported that they had met someone on line. Parks and Floyd (1996) reported that once individuals meet on line, they migrate to other forms of communication (postal mail, telephone, and meeting). (1998), thirty -three percent of the on line relationships in their sample resulted in face-to-face meetings. Seven percent of our respondents reported that they became emotionally involved and two percent ended up living together. Anxiety reduction was a major function of using the Internet to meet new people.Among the respondents, 67.5% were women; 32.5% were men. Respondents were predominately white (84.2%) with 15.8% reporting that they were non-white (of which 9.9% were African-American).Findings and Discussion Analysis of the data revealed several findings: 1.One-hundred-ninety-one never married undergraduate university students completed an anonymous 28 item questionnaire designed to assess their attitudes toward and involvement in use of the Internet to find a mate.

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