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people in logistics, My Game Changer® is the cloud-based shipping solution you’ve always wanted.

This can be particularly challenging for organisations which have multiple locations and multiple specialist areas that need to be audited (e.g. In addition, with increasing supply chain pressures there is a growing requirement to also audit third parties. Naturally, if you are involved in outsourcing audits, you need to ensure the conduct of the audit and the output from the audit will be fit for purpose and will fully meet your expectations and requirements of those of your various interested parties. We have extensive audit experience and offer a flexible range of audit services to support your audit approach.My Game Changer® provides shipping teams a simpler way to audit shipping routes and invoices, compare carrier rates and accessorial costs and improve shipping initiatives at every turn.This powerful logistics software gives shippers the freedom to compile, store and analyze a wealth of data from one centralized location.Interested parties also need to know that the people who perform the auditing processes are armed with the required knowledge, skills and neutrality.One of the biggest auditing challenge faced by most organisations is the availability of sufficiently competent resources to cover all auditing needs.No other platform gives shippers this many capabilities with so little effort.

My Game Changer® utilizes cloud-based technology to store and share shipping data across entire organizations.Check out this cutting edge technology today and discover what it can do for you.There’s a reason we put “game changer” in the title.Often Energy costs are second only to salaries; in some cases businesses may be spending in excess of 10% of gross revenue on energy alone, if such a business was a private individual they would be classed as being in fuel poverty. We will then prioritise your energy consuming equipment; making any potential investment choices clearly visible, with suitable alternatives and representative payback period, to help get your project off the ground. Our customers include Sports and Leisure Operators, Utility Brokers, and Medical Centres including GP Surgeries. We combine competence and creativity with our routine work and support project costs transparently and efficiently.We have a team of qualified auditors who bring with them a vast range of expertise and experience.

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