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They rather identify when the RN number was first issued for the company to use. Vintage junior sizing was invented not as a sizing system for teenagers (traditionally seen today) but rather petite ladies!

Perhaps we can better understand the remarkable spread of the faith by remembering what a jolt it must have been to the Roman world for the early Christians to come teaching about God as "Our Father." In that world, people felt, like so many do today, they were at the mercy of fate, victims of chance, dependent on luck, their destiny determined by blind astrological forces.

WHY IT’S VINTAGE: RN numbers were first used in 1952 and listed from 00101 (first number) to 04086 (last number).

In 1959 the numbering system changed and began at 13670.

It was unthinkable that a small, despised movement from a corner of Palestine could move out to become the dominant faith of the mighty Roman Empire, an empire steeped in fiercely defended traditional pagan religions.

The spread of the Christian church in its earliest centuries is one of the most amazing phenomena in all of human history.

I assume the outsourcing of clothing to more countries abroad had something to do with it! If women weren’t vacationing to Mexico and buying them there, they were being bought and sold in American boutiques. 1971 or newer if the garment has a care label with at least one suggested instruction on how to wash/”care for” the garment.

NOTE: Best to use this tag tip if you already know that the garment is vintage to prevent confusion with a modern piece also made in Mexico. Pre-1971 if there’s absolutely no care instructions to be found on a tag.

Thus, you can “take a guess” at how old a garment may be by comparing its RN number to 13670.

Shown here is 17272, which I would necessarily identify the year a garment was made.

BEST RULE OF THUMB: I’ve personally decided that RN numbers of 6 digits are from the ’80s or later, while RN numbers of 5 digits are of the ’60s and ’70s. WHY IT’S VINTAGE: Lot numbers were used to process and track garments as they were produced in factories. Odd sizing became more standard for pre-teen and teenage women of modern day — remember the store 5-7-9? WHY IT’S VINTAGE: Although you can certainly buy modern clothing that was made in Mexico, vintage clothing made in Mexico is most likely from the 1950s.

RESOURCES: The WPL, RN & CA Labeling Guide on Ebay. the verbiage “lot” usually followed by a number or number with a letter. For whatever reason, lot numbers ceased use around 1979. One of my favs growing up, because all sizes were 5, 7 or 9! Reason being that travel to Mexico was quite popular during the era and Mexican styles (particularly circle skirts) caught on as a trend.

Two were found at Pompeii which would have to date back to before 79 AD when the city was destroyed.

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