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Canadian Immigrant spoke to new and old immigrants, some who feel let down by the system here and are leaving to explore better options and some who acknowledge that there is no other country like this one and will come back one day. Zain Mir (name changed for privacy) is at a senior position at a top educational institution in Saskatchewan.He is currently pursuing his Ph D, is happily married and is a Canadian citizen.

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“I was enrolled in a college in Delhi to pursue a bachelor’s degree course in 2000.Mir, who was on a committee of the British Columbia Human Resources Management Association (BCHRMA), says that what he heard at a committee hearing about hiring immigrants in Canada shocked him. I don’t think I can tolerate such behaviour anymore,” he says.Mir admits that he will miss the pristine beauty of Canada and the clean air, but it is a very small price to pay when it comes to being professionally satisfied.Mir, who studied in the United States and landed a plum position with one of the top financial management firms in the world, Merrill Lynch, was thrilled when he first applied for Canadian immigration, and it came through in six months. “I was sure that with my education and work experience I would have no trouble finding a job,” he says.What happened next was a series of extended survival jobs in retail and no interview callbacks for months. It all happened in a month’s time and I thought that it was finally my time,” he says. Mir claims that his work has been constantly nitpicked, he was stared at during meetings (which in his words comprised of all “white folks”) and on one occasion was completely sidelined when his boss was on leave.Add to that the constant rejections due to his educational credentials and Burckhardt had had enough.

He is leaving Canada for good this spring, but he departs with a heavy heart.

Behind each of his tales there are allegories about our society and behaviour.

Let’s hope that he can’t see into the future: ‘Like in a fairytale world, the depicted scene is a beautiful and moving vision but at the same time it conceals a dark emotion.’ Knowing that his gunpowder works are seen as allusions to the nuclear explosion, this latest drawing would be posterior to the apocalypse: An ecological warning in a soft poetic form.

Though he was employed immediately, something was missing. I do not mean to compare, but the difference in compensation is just too much.

In Switzerland I was being paid about 0 an hour, and in Canada I started at an hour.

It is not about the amount, but a huge blow to one’s self-confidence,” he says. But Burckhardt did not give up and applied everywhere for a better position with better wages.

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