Chilli and lasse larsen still dating

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If you’re in town early, please stop by World Headquarters to help us contribute even more.We have 30 of our closest brewery friends coming to town to throw down with their finest craft beers along with Chuck Wren and Chris Murray on stage.

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Ska Brewing has been invited by the all-new Lawrence Beer Co.

“Plus, I really needed a way to write off my travel expenses when a good swell rolls through.” North County San Diego will be the staging ground in the newest theatre on the war against mediocre beer.

Ska is teaming up with California uber allies, Stone Brewing Co., through their distribution arm Stone Distributing Co., to mitigate on-ground operations.

We knew we were on to something.” Rudie will hit the shelves August 2 owners and representatives from six of Colorado’s leading craft breweries will depart on the ride of a lifetime…for the sixth year in a row. This year’s venture features riders from Avery, Ska, Boulder Beer, Left Hand, Oskar Blues, and Great Divide breweries.

Out of the gate the tour will call for a 109 mile ride through Golden and over Loveland Pass before descending onto Breckenridge Brewery.

With the impending hurricane and many unknowns, we received word this afternoon that our friends understandably will not be able to make it to Colorado.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Less Than Jake families and all who have been and may soon be affected by these recent natural disasters.

Ska has been distributing Stone’s beers in Southwestern Colorado since 2003, the year Ska first canned their beer.

“It had always been our hope that Stone would do the same with Ska’s beers in California” says Thibodeau, indicating that capacity issues and strong growth in existing markets have hampered Ska’s efforts in the past.

The beer weighs in at 4.5% alcohol by volume and is brewed with El Dorado and Galaxy Hops in quantities more typical of an American IPA than a session beer.

“By this point in the summer the novelty of light lagers and wheat beers has begun to wear off, but the novelty of drinking beer all day has not.” says Bill Graham, Brewing Overlord and Co-Founder of Ska “The idea was that hop forward, flavorful beers don’t always have to knock you on your on ass.” The inspiration for this beer comes from a long standing tradition of brewing specialty one-offs for The Durango Film Festival.

Year after year, in early September, Ska beer and ska music lovers swarm to southwest Colorado in celebration of the craft-brewing pioneer.