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Avoiding any of the cheap, crappy junk cameras from the Chinese import bargain bin - Here are three quality cameras at a low price between $20-$30 USD.All are 720p HD cams that will perform well even on older, slower CPUs.

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With prices ranging from around - USD there's a camera that meets any budget.

Above are simple choices in a UVC compliant web camera: All of these are quality UVC compatible HD Web cameras from Logitech ideal for any budget.

Choose from the razor-sharp premium Zeiss lens autofocus C920 (1080p) with stereo microphones, the autofocus C615 (1080p) with convenient camera tripod mounting hole, or the value-priced fixed-focus C310 (720p) HD UVC compatible webcam with great light management and clarity.

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Above are premium wide-angle UVC compatible group videoconferencing solutions for cross-platform environments.

Of note: Logitech's BCC950 and C3000e offer mechanical PTZ - Pan, Tilt and Zoom functions via remote - as well as integrated microphones and speakerphone capabilities.

Looking for a wide-angle UVC web camera appropriate for multi-party videoconferencing sessions?

These high quality webcams are designed for group conference sessions and offer a slightly wider FOV - Field Of View.

Look for good low-light sensitivity to give great image quality for both day AND night lighting conditions.

Cams that refer to Auto Exposure and Auto White-Balance indicate a webcam that can adapt to changes in lighting.

The same problem occurs with some webcams that may have a still-picture snapshot function or button to trigger movie recording.

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