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I have ben reading up on them and have got myself confused. My son knows now, they are not even suitable for a treat despite their proliferance in the cafe's of child play areas etc. In general they don't have strong tasting food so just a little is enough for them to think it's sweet. I have ben reading up on them and have got myself confused. Wouldn't go near a fruit shoot if they were giving them away.

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also in soooooo many kids drinks and food, when tested on rats it was found to cause them to grow tumors and is linked to cancer and also cause behaviour problems in children!!!!! Hoping someone can enlighten me Thanks hi no added sugar drink make my dd hyper have just found this out done loads of reseach this week and found rocks organic and bare all i havent tried the bare all one yet as i havent seen it when i havwe been out but got thwe rwwwowcks owrwganic juicew out of thwew hwwealthh food shop holland and bawrwwrwet i think it was buy one ger one half price it looks like a wine bottle i got a funny look when i poured some into my dds water too try I don't give juice very often but when I do I get fresh 'not made from concentrate' of whatever's on offer and treat it like squash ie I put a little in then top it up with water. Ideally you want something that doesn't have added sugar either, but instead just has the natural sugar from fruit so, as others have said, Rocks Organic is one of the best. Hoping someone can enlighten me Thanks Basically you want to avoid anything that is labelled sugar free as it's full of loads of chemical nasties which are far worse than sugar.Surely even if it's organic, 197 cals is a lot for squash ? My 10 yr old ds drinks at least a litre of liquid a day, I don't want him consuming that many calories though. when my little ones were starting out on juice type things I used to make up a fruit tea and put a jug of it in the fridge. Now they are a bit older and have "discovered" other juices I try to stick with either supermarket's own hi-juice or Robinsons naturals.Mostly we dilute fruit juice (not from concentrate) and as a treat we dilute it with fizzy water Nicola FRUIT SHOOTS ARE EVIL!!!!!!Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.