Chat room unregistered

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Chat room unregistered - Free erotica chat without signup

From now users belonging to the selected role have permission to delete messages.Alternatively: add “wise_chat_delete_message” capability to a role you want to have that permission.

It can be set on Settings - Wise Chat Settings, select Appearance tab, go to Advanced Customization section.

Go to Settings - The plugin has its own implementation of bad words filtering mechanism.

Currently it supports two languages: English and Polish. It detects not only simple words but also variations of words like: “H.a.c_ki.n_g” (assuming that “hacking” is a bad word). Enable “Enable Admin Actions” option and go to a page containing the chat.

The image will be downloaded into Media Library and then displayed on the chat window.

Those downloaded images will be removed from Media Library together with the related chat messages (either when removing all messages or a single one).

For full documentation of the shortcode visit the website: Shortcode documentation For the full documentation of the shortcode attributes visit the website: Shortcode documentation You can install Wise Chat using dedicated shortcode.

For full documentation of the shortcode visit the website: Shortcode documentation Place the following short code in your page or post: [wise-chat channel=”my-channel-name”] or add this PHP snippet in the theme’s source file: or put “Wise Chat Window” widget on the desired sidebar and set the desired channel name in Channel field.

In basic form it is just: [wise-chat] It will open chat window on the default channel called “global”.

If you would like to open the chat on custom channel called “My Room” try this: [wise-chat channel=”My Room”] The shortcode can be configured with the list of attributes, for example – in order to enable Cold Dark theme and to show list of users you can type: [wise-chat theme=”colddark” show_users=”1″] Almost all settings available on plugin’s settings page are also available in shortcode.

From now the channel is secured and only users that enter valid password are allowed to join. Place “wise-chat-channel-stats” shortcode in the page or post.

You can choose what to display using “template” attribute.

If an image cannot be downloaded the regular link is displayed instead.

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