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That's still Discord's principal function, but the accessibility of the platform has broadened its possibilities.

The service sees 200 million messages posted a day and a staggering 16 petabytes of voice chat data going through its servers every month.

That game failed to find an audience, but the hard work during the development cycle did reveal a problem that's dogged multiplayer gaming forever."We played a lot of games together.

There was a split contingency of people playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV and a lot of League of Legends," he says.

But Discord remains at the top of the heap for a simple reason – it's a well-constructed piece of software that benefits from the same word-of-mouth ubiquity that defeated other tech runner-ups like Bing, Google Plus, and the Zune.

However, Citron also chalks up his success to his tangible, life-long personal history as a gamer.

You can chalk a lot of that success up to Discord's diversity.

Teamspeak – the preferred voice-chat program before the Discord era – had a single purpose: it was a way for clans, guilds, and pick-up groups to coordinate gameplay.

But we never did anything specific to go after that audience. It's been awesome."In a lot of ways, Discord brings to mind a pre-Facebook internet, where lonely weeknights were routinely burned stalking anonymous AOL lobbies.

In 2017, it feels like our offline and online personas are inextricably melded.

It's like we're bringing it back to how it used to be."My wife and I went on our first date to an arcade.

All my best memories are spent playing multiplayer games.

A few years later he sold the business to the Japanese company Gree for a massive 4 million payday, and immediately broke ground on a new startup called Hammer & Chisel.

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