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The World Economic Forum's latest gender gap report ranked China 87 out of 142 countries, compared to the previous year's rank of 69 (out of 136).

I think my book is spiritually related to this history."I was asked to 'have a chat' by police," wrote one of the activists, Wei, in a letter circulated to supporters via social media describing the arrest."I would have never expected that our public interests advocacy against sexual harassment and for gender equality would be charged as 'under suspicion of criminal offence'." On April 13, after a nationwide petition and international condemnation, the five were given a conditional release.Five young women's rights activists, all in their 20s and 30s, were arrested in the country's south after planning to distribute stickers aimed at raising awareness about sexual assault on public transport.For over a month Wei Ting Ting, Wang Man, Li Tingting, Wu Rongrong, and Zheng Churan were detained in a Beijing detention centre on charges of "picking quarrels and provoking trouble". "Writing this book was very difficult," says Lijia.

"Her tragic saga did make me think a lot about the position of women in China." Lijia was just one of the prominent Chinese women writers featured at this year's Bookworm International Literary Festival, held in Beijing and across six other Chinese cities from March 23 to 29.

She notes the 2012 protest where a dozen women queued in front of restrooms to protest the lack of public toilets for women2013 demonstration involving 10 university students criticising what she calls "invasive gynaecological exams" imposed on women applying for civil service jobs.

Lijia believes this growing restlessness is also reflected in the nation's literature.

"What's important for me is writers write," says Guo.

She says labels such as "feminist writing" are necessary for social movements, but wants Chinese women writers to push boundaries in other ways.

"Using a second language and living abroad, that distance made me feel much more liberated," says Guo.