Chart organizational procedure updating

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This position is responsible for program admissions as well as program development.This position serves as the assigned location’s Prison Rape Elimination (PREA) Compliance Officer ensuring that the facility and programs adheres to all PREA standards governing community corrections.

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This position serves as the agency’s Prison Rape Elimination (PREA) Coordinator, ensuring adherence to all PREA standards governing community corrections.Executive Director- Is responsible for the oversight of all business and program operations for the agency.The Executive Director is the Chief Financial Officer and Authorized Negotiator for Centre, Inc.Human Resources Specialist- Is responsible for completing a variety of human resource and administration duties for the entire agency.This position works in conjunction with the Human Resource Generalist.Director of Programs– Is responsible for assisting with the oversight of ACA accreditation, serving as the agency training director, assisting with Quality Control Program Reviews; conducting oversight of the clinical programs agency wide; and provides oversight of gathering and reporting on agency Program Outcome Measures.

This position is supervised by the Director of Operations.Program Manager (clinical)- Is responsible for oversight of the clinical/counseling and case management program/services at any one location which includes the development and supervision of counseling related programs and employees.This position hires, trains, and supervises the Case Managers & Employment Specialist.Centre’s Human Resource Generalist or designee maintains a current, diagramed organizational chart with narrative descriptions by position.The organizational chart outlines the structure of authority, responsibility, and accountability of the facilities, programs, & company.and is responsible for fiscal policy, management, and control.