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"This is a country that's controlled by children and dogs," he remarked in an interview with Morieka V. Johnson that appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution .

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He realized that there was a serious need for better caretaker-pet relationships in his newly adopted land, as he told another writer for the New York Times , Edward Wyatt.

That includes some of the biggest celebrities from the worlds of comedy, music, television and film.

Over the course of his remarkable career, the “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan has helped countless people discover how to have a better relationship with their dogs.

Sometimes he took the most recalcitrant hounds with him for a few weeks in order to train them full-time, and he became a familiar sight on the streets of Los Angeles as the guy on in-line skates with a pack of leashed dogs trailing behind.

In 1998, he opened his Dog Psychology Center in the South-Central area of Los Angeles, and word-of-mouth soon spread about his remarkable skills in training the most skittish dogs.

According to Millan, she paid for his English lessons (Millan came to the U. at the age of 21 and spoke no English) and after a piece on him ran in the , he was soon approached by the National Geographic channel for a TV show.

So were it not for the help of Jada Pinkett-Smith, it’s possible Millan's career would have never taken off.America "is a very assertive society with people, but not when it comes to dogs," he told Deborah Solomon in an interview for the New York Times Magazine . His favorite place as a child, however, was on his grandfather's ranch in rural Sinaloa, where he was fascinated by a pack of wild dogs that roamed the property.He spent so much time observing their behavior that the locals tagged him with the nickname El perrero , or "dog boy." That fascination carried over indoors, too, where his favorite television shows and movies were ones that starred impressively trained actor-dogs such as Lassie.By his teens, Millan had decided on a career as a Hollywood animal trainer. S.-Mexico border proved the greatest obstacle to Millan's plan, however, and he decided to enter illegally by paying a guide to take him north from the foothills around Tijuana, the border town opposite San Diego.He made it safely across, but wound up living on the streets of San Diego for a month before he was able to find work.Following his own rule to exercise them, he leads the pack on a daily four-hour walk, with the larger breeds setting out with backpacks so that they can carry the smaller dogs, who tire more easily.