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You can now download a web pdf of each edition of "The Newcomer" from this site. Beth Bassett photograph Old Photographs of Brook School – Our Web Site Brings New-Old Photographs to the Surface. Hiestand, Third Grade photo, Brook School: Wringle, Strain, David Fred, Leveron Denton, Bus Herriman, Thomas Whaling, Carl Coon, Milford Alice (Allis), Albert Staton, Ardeth Shepard, Chester Hiestand, ?? Information regarding history of yearbook/school newspaper contributed by Judy Schultz. Photo of the Kentland DAR Chapter members: Kathryn Arbuckle, Margaret Lah, Marilyn Whaley, Fannie Sue Henry, Regent, Kentland Chapter, Martha Barnhart, Indiana State Regent, Mary Jeane Gray, Janet Miller, Melinda Henry. (2) Kentland Switch Tower (now gone) located at intersection of the Penn and YYC railroads on US 24. Dickson received a late Christmas present – an English plum pudding – sent by a niece and nephew in Cambridgeshire, England. (2) Fourth grade classes of South Newton Elementary visit to Resource Center: Becky Lyons provided information on Ella (Ade) Mc Cray. Kentland: (1) New addition to the Discount and Deposit State Bank completed; Champion oats yield by Charles Spangler at 42 bushels. (6) Colton Dramatic Co will open under the big tent in Kentland.

If you are interested in copies any of these newsletter please contact the Newton County Historical Society. de Whaling, Gunner Montgomery, Miss Eunice Brand, Mazy Barker, Veneral Allis, Deloris Hiestand, De Loine Davis, Hazel Mills, Virginia Hinchman, Martha Griggs, Arthail Whaling, Bill Woods, Gerald Light, Ralph Kindig – circa 1923-24. Photo: Agnes Molter Newton County Fair Association – One of the First Newton County Fair Membership Certificates – made out to Samuel E. Photos: 1) Gooseneck Bridge, 2) Railroad Bridge (both bridges spanned the Iroquois River between Jefferson and Washington Townships; 3) Intersection of Union and Newton Streets, Goodland, Indiana circa 1900Morocco Centennial Photographs: 1) Sandy & Joe Padgett on ponies; 2) Adley Boyd & Esther (Deardurff) Boyd; 3) June Murphey, Doug Boyd, Bonnie (Boyd) Wagner; 4) Jack Storey on Farmall tractor; 5) Ella Mae (Milk) Kessler; 6) Hancock Funeral Home parade entry Pictured – Jacob Hess, store operator; Wilbert Davis (possibly), Jack Bingham, Albert & Henry Rainford, Mr. Historical compilations underway in county: 1) The History of Mt. June 2013 Newton County Historical Society Annual Meeting, Hosted by Sig Boezeman, held on his farm in Lincoln Township. Roselawn: (1) Trustee Gundy down from Roselawn Monday filing annual report with the auditor. Larry Lyons talked about different fowl and fauna of the Beaver Lake Country. Town Developed as Railroads were laid through Area by Donna Lacosse, Morocco Courier, “Our Hoosier Heritage, 1988. (2) Orchard Lake tenants enjoy day as guests of Warren T.

As the theft nears fruition, Bill begins to lay the framework for Jack to take the fall not only for robbery but for other crimes as well.

Firewall belongs in the upper echelon of generic thrillers.

Paul Bettany plays the villain role with the right amount of viciousness to make us want him to get his comeuppance.

(The actors playing his henchmen are equally nasty.) Mary Lynn Rajskub is appealing as Jack's sidekick.All that adds up to a reasonable 105 minutes of harmless entertainment.If there's a problem with the movie, it's the miscasting of Harrison Ford who, at age 63, is too old to be doing all the physical stuff demanded of him by the part.The role appears to have been written for someone 10 to 20 years younger, but Ford's star power overcame age concerns.So we have an improbable scene in which an AARP member goes toe-to-toe with someone about half his age, and holds his own.(Rajskub plays a similar role to the one she has made her own in TV's 24, where she also helps a guy named Jack.) Virginia Madsen is fine in the thankless wife/mother role.

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