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Care was taken to restrict foundation intrusion and disturbance to maintain a healthy environment for continuing wellbeing of the tree.

In Southeast Asia, the leaders of Muslim-majority Indonesia and Malaysia denounced Trump’s action.

“France and Europe are attached to a two-state solution - Israel and Palestine - living side by side in peace and security within recognised international borders with Jerusalem the capital of both states,” he said.

“For now, I urge for calm and for everyone to be responsible. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said there was no alternative to a two-state solution and Jerusalem was a final-status matter only to be settled through direct talks.

The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which has dominated Gaza since soon after Israel ended a 38-year occupation in 2005, said Trump had committed a “flagrant aggression against the Palestinian people”. All Palestinian factions called for a general strike and protest rallies at midday on Thursday. The statement described the move as “a big step back in efforts to advance the peace process”, and urged the U. administration to reverse its decision and adhere to international will.

“LEGALLY NULL” DECISION The Saudi Royal Court issued a statement saying that the kingdom followed “with deep sorrow” Trump’s decision and warned of “dangerous consequences of moving the U. A masked Palestinian takes part in a protest against U. President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip December 7, 2017.

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Palestinians claim East Jerusalem for the capital of an independent state they seek.

Israel deems Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital dating to antiquity, and its status is one of the thorniest barriers to a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace.

REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa Egypt, which forged the first Arab peace deal with Israel in 1979, brushed off Trump’s decision and said it did not change Jerusalem’s disputed legal status.

Jordan said Trump’s action was “legally null” because it consolidated Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem. consulate in Istanbul, a Reuters cameraman at the scene said.

“The status of Jerusalem is a question of international security that concerns the entire international community.