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“Controlling Black Canary” Starring Audrey Holiday Dr. Luring Black Canary to a place of his choosing, he attacks her with technology beyond comprehension.She’s no shrinking violet, having faced villains such as Bane and the Royal Flush Gang, and proven herself worthy to hold a seat at the Justice League’s table.

Monk telepathically instructs her to start stroking as she slurps, and Catwoman obliges by letting the drool slide between her tiny hands and his veiny shaft.Catwoman’s slurping and the sound of her breathing heavily through her nostrils, is music to Monk’s wicked ears, as she puts every fiber of her being into draining the villain’s balls.Catwoman wraps both paws around the hard, spit-lubed cock and rotates them as she frantically strokes.1920X1080 HD Quality MP4 Format “Catwoman Sucks” Starring Audrey Holiday Directed by John M We find Catwoman stalking back and forth in her lair, relishing the thought of punishing her enemies with her cruel whip.As she paces, her soliloquy is suddenly broken by a flash of light.She’s shocked to see that the evil Monk has penetrated her secret lair with his dark magic.

Before she can attack, Monk casts a searing lighting spell on Catwoman.

She strips out of her sexy outfit to take advantage of her invisibility power and prepares to sneak up on the dastardly villain.

Now completely invisible, she heads out to surprise the Candy Man at his hideout.

She becomes a compliant sex slave, implanted with a constant horny desire that has her begging to be fucked.

Her mouth is nothing but a cock slot for her new master and she demonstrates her cock-worshipping devotion, eagerly swallowing cum and getting her face plastered with hot, sticky goo.

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