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In the season finale, Liz decides to move to New York to study arts.The season 2 premiered on Februrary 8th, 2011 and had a very good audience. My life as Liz focuses on Elizabeth Lee´s story, a normal teenager that struggles with the daily problems of high school, as she tries to find herself and find friendship and love.

I predict big things from Liz Lee, and I look forward to another season of "My Life As Liz" or whatever else she chooses to do.Finally she graduates and leaves Burleson to move to New York, but her adventure has just started...I caught this show when MTV ran a marathon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and I was very impressed.The Texas city Liz lives in is a rapidly growing city of over 35,000 residents.The show targets isolated scenes repeatedly to hide this truth and leaves something to be desired in the lack of diversity.This creative choice is a smart one, and the show is much more successful as entertainment than it otherwise would be.

From reading the other comments, I understand that Burleson, TX is not as remote or dull as Liz the character makes it out to be, but I think Liz the character talks about it that way in comparison to a place like New York, where many young people of Liz Lee's talent and charisma eventually land.Liz the character is extremely pretty, brainy, witty, and talented, and yet hangs out with a bunch of overweight nerds (and one popular blonde girl who doesn't want to be pigeonholed as a popular blonde girl) and doesn't have a boyfriend.I fully understand why she is portrayed that way; it lends much more drama and pathos to the story than if she were to live among the circle of people that Liz the real person probably hangs out with.After a few episodes is more than evident that Liz has a crush on Bryson Gilreath, one of the guys from the high school, but he has a girlfriend.Anyway, Liz has three good friends: Sully, Troy and Miles.My Life as Liz is a reality show, produced by MTV and shot in the United States, that was released on January 8th, 2010.

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