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as if we’re being available to these people because we’re so there or we’re quite frankly suffering in the relationship whether it’s privately as we struggle with our inner turmoil over the situation or out in the open as we battle with them, but there’s a difference between being available for battle and being available for a mutually fulfilling [relationship. Why do we claim that we’re committed to people who may offer the least likely possibility of commitment?There’s no such thing as a one-sided committed relationship. Why do we want to communicate with partners who don’t want to communicate?

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When we raise ourselves up and come from a higher level of awareness, we will not persist in relationships that bring us down and dim our light. Whether it’s figuring out what’s going on in a troubling relationship, understanding you and self-care, or being more assertive, I’m here to help you guide you.

I joked that I am “retired” now but, it really is true - after 12 years of competitive swimming I now only swim for fun.

Competing for Georgetown was a treat and swimming is never something I will lose but I certainly am not at peak Division I level anymore.

I have not checked to see if the obituary has been published yet but when it is released I am sure it is going to say some fantastic thing about the man I knew dearly as "Gumpa" my entire life.

The biggest thing I will remember about my grandfather is his patience - between being a school teacher and a high school tennis coach for more ...

One of my favorite things about coming down to Florida for the holidays is being able to swim laps outside.

While doing laps a few days ago another swimmer complimented my stroke.

Happy Friday on the one week a year where Friday really does not matter!

But even though a good deal of you are likely off work today it is a Friday and the last one of the year so that means a new outfit post!

This is different to making ourselves ‘available’ in some pretty excruciating ways in the hopes that if they realise that we’re always there that they’ll either feel bad about their actions towards us or for not feeling the same as us, and then give us what we want.

Do we really want to guilt somebody into doing the “right” thing?

In case you could not tell from the four dozen Fashion Friday posts or my round up earlier this week of my 10 best looks, I have been a big fan of both off the shoulder and bell sleeves this year and finally I found a dress that combines both of them in one!

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