Brent dating

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Brent dating

Then at the age of 41, he joins the ATF, one busy guy if you ask me!Here is a picture of one of his fake SEAL certificates, we also verified through Don Shipley that this guy has never seen BUD/s.

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Meet Brent North, not only has he claimed he was a Navy SEAL, and a star quarterback at Penn State, but also an ATF agent.

A Spotboy E report said the couple will not allow any media coverage as they have collaborated with a production house to transform their wedding into a web series.

Harsh, who is younger to Bharti, is a writer of various comedy shows.

On a more exciting note on the other side of the world: @benchbody at New York Fashion Week: Men's S/S 2018.

Toledo Ohio – We have waited several months to post this guy up, as he was under investigation for Impersonating a Federal Agent.

Brent was brought to our attention by an ex, whom we will not name out of concern for her safety.

He began with his elaborate tale’s of being a SEAL soon after they met, and even sent an email to her from a fake buddy to make himself look good.

They also raided his business, Ronin Security, which he had also built on his fake career.

According to his ex, he had a lot more fake certificates, but she could only acquire pictures of a few before the ATF confiscated the rest.

And of course another slip up, in the above email he claims SEAL Team Three, but on his fake certificate he has SEAL Team Five, dated 2 August 1987.

He claims to have been awarded the Navy Cross,for his bravery in battle in Mogadishu on 12 July 1993, braving a hail of gunfire to save his entire SEAL Team.

Below is a certificate promoting him to 2nd LT in the Marine Corp, signed by President Reagan in 1985.