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My dream girl, though I've never met her, is named Rosalind.I am a totally blind from birth, bisexual Christian woman.

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If you do happen to have any links/advice or help, please let me know at this email address. I posted back in 2008 and I am now researching sexuality and the blind full time as my doctorate research with Dublin City University.

Just like those who are sited sexuality and the blind person(s) can possess some universal traits and simular experiences, but a person's (blind or sited) sexual attitude, prowness, preferences, skills and e.t.c.

are a unique combination that is individual to each and every our personalities are.i know a gal who got a bump on her head a few years back. she still has a powerful sex drive for men, quietly at mid age.

I think sexuality is a good topic, I apologize if my last post made me appear as a know it all, I most certainly do not know everything about blindness, as I lose more and more of my sight the greater my desire to find a companion, I am a straight male seeking a straight female, and my question is what coping strategies and / or solutionw did you use to find your loved one?

David Best [email protected] am a heterosexual visually impaired Male, I have never seen a ugly person, until they got close to me, much like having beer goggles permanently attached to one’s face.

All people judge the physical attractiveness of a person, it is the measuring stick of how healthy a person is mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, of every aspect of a persons life, I would hazard to guess the blind and visually impaired are no different, however I believe they see attractiveness in a different perspective, the question about attractiveness is a complex, and very much a individual thing, but I will mention one aspect, in the all American dream holly wood has created, the man is to bring home the bacon, provide for the family, the blind man is at a disadvantage in the modern world of climbing the corporate ladder, there are many obvious reasons for this, ever seen a blind man be issued a drivers licence, a mandatory requirement to climb the corporate ladder is the mobility that can only come from having a drivers licence, the opportunities passed by because of the lack of minimum requirements in a visually obsessed world, in turn effects the attractiveness of a man because of the lack of success, creating a perception of weakness, the whole cycle perception = attractiveness leads to attractiveness = perception is rubbish, the sighted world needs to get off they’re high horse and stop being so ignorant and pig-headed.

These are just my opinions, one person in a sea of people, I do not assume my opinions reflect.

I'm a low partial college student from Illinois, and though I'm straight I have friends who are bisexual or gay both blind and sighted. I can intuitively read everything from bad moods, to white lies, to genuine interest in the tone and choice of words.

And it is as simple as the fact of whether or not you are attracted to your own or the opposite gender or both.

I am attracted to the texture/sound of their voices, love Afro-American or British accents, attracted to the way I am treated and how affectionate they are. Being sighted or blind doesnt really come into play if you are gay or straight with the exception that blind people are better lovers since with are so tactile!

am a sited woman in a relationship with a man who has been blind since birth.

They’re are many questions that I would be unable to answer, the urban legend that a blind person is better in bed due to higher sensory perception is purely to the individual personal talents, however the blind and visually impaired individuals may display more enthusiasm and desire to please then the sighted so as to over come the perception of being perceived week from they’re disability, the selfless attitude towards the partners happiness is perceived more desirable then a selfish one, and in turn perceived to be better in bed, this scenario would be completely dependent of the individuals life experiences, but with the increased sense of hearing, and the individuals ability to listen to cues from a partner, such as breathing rate, heart rate, the micro twitching of the involuntary muscle spasm, may prove this urban legend true.