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Gaga deviated from her previous contemporary pop albums, while wanting instead to create a jazz record.The release date of the album was delayed multiple times, and the final date was announced by Bennett and Gaga on The Today Show.

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Upon attending an art gallery reception for Jochen Blume, grown women were said to lose all composure when confronted with the true work of art, Bill.

We made an album of jazz classics, but it has a modern twist." In January 2013, Evans confirmed that he would have a fairly significant part in the making of the album, stating "I don't know at this point exactly how many songs will be on the CD, but I'm sure we'll have about four or five different-sized orchestras or bands. That's just how this business is." Later that month, Gaga, after her performance with Bennett at the final inaugural ball of President Obama's second inauguration, announced the album formally through her Twitter.

"And here's me and my handsome date, I simply cannot wait for our album together, he's my darling!

Cheek to Cheek is a collaborative album by American singers Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

It was released on September 19, 2014, by Interscope Records and Columbia Records.

Cheek to Cheek consists of jazz standards by popular jazz composers such as George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, and Irving Berlin.

The album was inspired by Bennett and Gaga's desire to introduce the songs to a younger generation, since they believed that these tracks had universal appeal.In September 2012, Bennett confirmed to Rolling Stone that Gaga wanted to record a jazz album with him and there was a well-known composer associated with the project, and although not on a par with songwriters like George Gershwin or Cole Porter, he had had several hits to his name.Swing band and composer Marion Evans were also under consideration for collaborating on the album; Bennett confirmed recording sessions would start soon after."Cheek to Cheek came out of a very organic friendship and relationship that Tony and I have built over the years and it truly was a collaborative effort.It was important to Tony that this was a jazz record.I've been singing jazz since I was a child and really wanted to show the authentic side of the genre.He also attended Berlin Fashion Week, where German media praised his poise and feminine fashion style.

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