Biblical view of dating

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It is also obvious to me that Christian institutions have become like an out of control weed with evil birds nesting in their upper branches that are helping corrupt the whole loaf with sin.

The changes in the annual year have been recorded in the Bible., the sun and moon stood still in the heavens.

There are “types” or similitude’s in the Bible and it is all by design to show us God’s plan.

For example, there is Ho 6:2 passage that talks about the Lord reviving us after two days and raising us up on the third day.

For example, the Jews say there has only been 5771 years since creation.

They are wrong but it’s not over 6000 years yet either. Jesus was not born 4004 years from creation like he calculated.

No one knows what day Jesus will come as a thief in the night for His Bride because it won’t happen until the Father tells Jesus to go get her.

Even so, the Lord will return in Glory to fulfill the fall feasts to Israel just as He fulfilled all the spring feasts at His first coming.

If you do a quick Google study on the Internet on the year that Jesus was crucified you will see that there are those claiming all sorts of proof why they know the correct year of the crucifixion.

You can find some very good arguments why their date is correct but the problem is that their dates span every year from 30 AD to 35 AD.

I think the Church should know the general season because we are not in darkness that this day should overtake us like a thief (1Th 5:4).

I do not know how much clearer Paul could have said that.

So the astute can know that Jesus will return in Glory on a fall feast day (probably on the two-day Feast of Trumpets) between 20 AD.

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