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Linen is also a tough fiber (made from flax), so it'll last longer than most cotton sheets.Plus, it has a silky, smooth feel and is naturally anti-bacterial.

If you've been resting your cranium on a flat-as-a-pancake pillow for about 20 years, you're well overdo for an upgrade. The memory foam cradles your head and neck, contouring to each minor (or major) shift in position.Best of all, this puppy is delivered to your door for free, and comes with a 100-day trial period in which Helix will pick up the mattress and give you a complete refund if it's not to your liking. Trade in your traditional cotton or flannel bedding and invest in a set of linen sheets.Hollow fibers help move air and moisture around for better temperature control (perfect if you tend to sweat a lot when you sleep), and their insulating properties will keep you warm on chilly nights.If counting sheep has you ready to pull your hair out, try a new sleep ritual.Calm, the already popular meditation app has a mesmerizing array of sleep stories—fictional tales narrated by the likes of audio book narrator Stephen Fry, sleep music, and nature essays—that can lull you into sweet, sweet submission.And with Helix, the process of shopping for your perfect fit just got a whole lot easier. You'll input basics like your height and weight, any potential pressure points (i.e.

broad shoulders), indicate your favorite sleep position, if you toss and turn, if you tend to get hot at night, and what type of feel you like in a mattress (e.g., soft, medium firm, very firm).If you want that luxurious you're-sleeping-in-a-classy-hotel-like experience for your very own bed, nab the Move-In Bundle from Brooklinen.You'll get the full package: crisp, smooth, cool-to-the-touch sheets; plush pillows that won't sag under your head; and a lightweight or all-season comforter filled with down or a down alternative that we can only describe as sumptuous without making you overheat.We've rounded up 10 snooze-boosting beds, gadgets, and accessories that'll turn your bedroom into a sleep palace.Here are our favorite tested-and-approved products of 2017.I just made the transition from cotton to linen—with these super-luxe Belgian linen sheets from Crane & Canopy—and I’m sure not going back.