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(Karl Merton Ferron / Baltimore Sun)“It’s a lot more hustle and bustle right now, but this is what we signed up to do,” Jackson said.

(Justin Fenton / Baltimore Sun)The first officers to arrive at the scene greeted the detectives and relayed what information they had been able to gather.Broad-shouldered and quiet, he favors Gucci eyeglasses and bow ties.He is the primary detective, and headed to an alley shortly after arriving at the scene.He regrets missing important events like his son’s prom in the spring, but any work that could take a killer off the streets comes first. Damon Talley (white shirt) heads back to his workstation while Det.Thomas Jackson checks the messages on his phone inside the city police department's homicide unit.The work of the homicide unit was grueling and unforgiving even before the uptick in violence.

The blistering pace of 2015 has jolted the detectives’ sense of reality.As a light rain fell, the only people who approached the crime scene tape were pedestrians trying to pass through. Kevin Cannady, 29, was fatally shot in broad daylight in the 4800 block of Cordelia Avenue in Northwest Baltimore on Sept.21, 2015, amid a surge in homicides across the city. Thomas Jackson and Damon Talley are assigned to investigate the case.An anonymous tipster had dialed 911 to tell police where the gunman had ditched the weapon. Sean Jones, the detectives’ supervisor, counted it a small victory.“That tells me we have at least one citizen that gives a s——.”A couple of decades ago — the last time the city saw so much killing — Baltimore’s homicide unit closed more than 70 percent of its cases.Veterans talk of returning to the office from a crime scene to find a fistful of tips waiting for them.No witnesses Jackson and fellow detective Damon Talley, veterans of the 50-member homicide unit, picked up Cannady’s killing on Sept. When the partners arrived at the crime scene in the 4800 block of Cordelia Avenue in the Langston Hughes neighborhood of Northwest Baltimore, Cannady’s body was gone.

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