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This type of validation is called implicit validation, because it occurs without the application developer having to make an explicit call to Validate or Validate Children.The property corresponding to this value will have different defaults based on the type of control.

"LE SCRIPT" de référence rudimentaire : on nomme, dans le fichier Geo Gebra, 'cible' l'objet attendu.

You can provide key will take a hash-ref of parameters, in the format defined by Brannigan (see Brannigan:: Validations for a complete references). As you may have noticed in the If the regular expression contains captures, and a call to the API matches the regular expressions, the values captured will be passed to the method, after the parameters hash-ref (even if the method does not define parameters, in which case the parameters hash-ref will be empty - this may change in the future).

It is worth understanding how metacharacters are added to the beginning and end of the regex, respectively.

With API is this: a client requests the execution of a method provided by the API, sending a hash of parameters.

The API then executes the method with the client's parameters, and produces a response.

An API topic defines routes, and one or more methods that can be executed on every route.

Just like HTTP, these methods are ------------------------ -------------------------------------- | Namespace | Description | ======================== ====================================== | POST:/articles/ | Create a new article (root route /) | | GET:/articles/(\d ) | Read an article | | PUT:/articles/(\d ) | Update an article | | DELETE:/articles/(\d ) | Delete an article | ------------------------ -------------------------------------- is required.

Since topics are hierarchical, every API will have a root topic, which may have zero or more child topics.

The root topic is where your API begins, and it's your decision how to utilize it.

This method returns a list of HTTP-style methods allowed on the route.

The return format depends on the runner module used.

Refer to the docs of the runner you wish to use for more information.

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