Ashley olsen dating sarkozy

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The legendary Dick Van Dyke has been married to his 44-year-old wife, Arlene, since 2012.

They definitely took their time getting to know one another, and perhaps that's why their marriage is so strong today!

The couple married in 2012 after dating for a short six months— it must have been love at first sight!

The Baldwins have three young kids together, with the youngest having been born in September of this year.

Check out which Hollywood couples have impressive age differences.

With age differences ranging from 12 years to a whopping 60 years, these couples aren’t letting numbers get in the way of their love.

He said his single years were lonely and miserable until he met Emma.

The 24 year age difference doesn’t seem to play a role in this couple’s happily ever after!Despite the obviously dramatic age difference, 90-year-old Dick Van Dyke seems happily in love.It’s said the actor was immediately captivated when he first laid eyes on his future wife. Patrick Stewart is 75-years-old, while his wife, singer Sunny Ozell, is only age 37.However strange the situation, something is working as the couple has been together for more than 23 years.The 83-year-old Joan Collins has admitted to finally finding her soulmate in fifth husband, Percy Gibson, who happens to only be 51.Bey and Jay met back in 2002 when they collaborated on “03 Bonnie & Clyde,” and the rest is history.