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Yes, we are crowning this month as the month of love on Stellar Life podcast. O: I just saw that you were drinking your superfood shake that makes you feel like a superman. As a relationship expert, I talk about all the good relationship insights and skills.

Men as well, we have our liberation which is follow your heart, the hero’s journey, do what you love, grow your hair out, be a musician, be an artist, stay home with your children. That’s how women can come back to their female side. There are some other things but those are the most powerful. It feels good for yourself, but not because it’s pleasing him. All you have to do is add water and let it sit for 45 minutes. As always, find ways to make a difference and also to be happy. My new book, you can go to Amazon and get it and other online bookstores.

To get some clarity around it, I brought you relationships experts and authors this month. All day long, we have to take care of our bodies because when our body is not functioning, our brain is not functioning and when our body and brain is not functioning, we can’t have good relationships.

They will teach you how to find a good relationship, how to keep a good relationship and how to keep it conscious, long lasting relationship that you will enjoy. J: On practical terms, sometimes people don’t make the link. If we don’t have the right nutrition, we don’t sleep well. J: He doesn’t even have to have the act of sex, it’s just like yep, she wants me. Even in my marriage, that’s what we learned in my marriage. ” And she says, “Oh, I got to do this and this and this.” One day I said, “Do you want to have sex with me?

I spent many, many years now working on an update on Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. This new approach we’ll talk about today centers around that for sure, but the terrain of relationships has dramatically changed in the last 25 years. Men can be great nurturers and homemakers and so forth. It’s almost like we’re the same, but biologically, we’re not. This is the theme of going Beyond Mars and Venus, it’s to realize that as we let go of traditional roles, traditional relationships where the man had one role and the woman had the other role, the new relationship we’re all formulating now, we can call, I call it, a soulmate relationship. Then you’re body’s going to get the message that you enjoyed it. A man wants a woman who is connected to her feminine and has boundaries and self esteem. If during those five days, her needs are not fulfilled, then for the rest of the month there’s something missing in the relationship. J: I always schedule the dates during the five day window at least, a good day during that time. Tongkat ali is really good particularly for men but also for women to increase libido. I was maybe using my brain too much which happens to people. Anyway, I was able to restore my brain with the super minerals and also amino acids. I have a shake which is unpasteurized dairy and I take the fat out of it so it’s just the proteins. This is mind blowing, reversed my Parkinson’s and it certainly keeps me at 65, keeps me young and vital. J: Definitely for me, my testosterone levels are 25% higher than I was a young man. It’s basically because one is this role reversal which is taking place in retirement. You have to have work to keep your testosterone up but more fun work.

Because it’s a relationship, people use that term a lot, it’s always synonymous with unconditional love, it’s synonymous with passion, and being in love. One of the tests I tell women, I said, “Okay, if you’re doing it because you enjoy sex, and you have sex and he never calls back, you can say to yourself, “Boy, I really love that. I don’t need him to call back.” That’s the right time to do it. If they’re also got their relaxed brain, which goes along with lithium orotate. Amino acids are the building block of the brain along with good fats. One for men and one for women because mother’s milk will actually have more of one protein for boys and more of the other protein for girls. More casein for boys because we have a bigger muscle mass and more need for testosterone. It’s already a good drink before but it’s still kind of like heavy food. What they said is if somebody takes any of these protein shakes or drinks or eats eggs or eats steaks or chicken, the body can only utilize about 30% of the protein. That’s how much of simulation you get in the protein. If you just drink it right away, it’s 30% like any other protein shake. J: It is the most delicious because it has the casein in it as well. Because you got the estrogen that gives you the wisdom to do the things that are more enjoyable but you also have to put forth the effort of the male side. One, can you give us three super quick tips to living a stellar life and two, where can people find you? If you don’t want to go out with a girlfriend although, “Hey, look I’ve got friends.

Valentine’s day is around the corner; roses, jewelry, chocolates, gifts, and cards. It’s equally important that we have optimal hormone balance and brain function.

If you’re in a relationship, you have high expectations. Otherwise, we don’t stay, if we put it in romantic terms, biologically capable of romance. We have to learn how to keep those hormones in balance so that we can keep the passion alive in our relationships.If you just experienced a break up, you’re probably really sad. He’s written over 20 books but his most famous one was listed as one of the Top 10 most influential books of the last quarter century. He will teach you about soulful relationships and how your hormones affect them and what you can do about it. It’s not just relationship skills but it’s also good nutrition combined.If you are single, you are so confused you don’t know even what to do on Valentine’s day. Please welcome the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Mr. Maybe we can talk a little about both those things. I totally agree with you, especially because we live in this world where we are so exposed to toxins and chemicals.That’s what I’m addressing in this new message Beyond Mars and Venus, in my new book. The link to your book is going to be in the show notes. If you have sex to please a man, he becomes less interested in you. Men will deny this but look at how many men don’t call back? What’s your definition of masculine versus feminine? That’s actually, I think, that might be the second chapter of the book. What we have between men and women, biologically speaking, a universal principle that’s true around the globe is that if a man is healthy, he has a libido, he has well being, he’s not depressed and he’s not angry.

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