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When controversial teen drama Skins burst onto television screens via E4 on January 25th 2007, it quickly made a huge impact.

Katie Fitch was the queen bee of Roundview College and the polar opposite of her timid sister Katie, leading to tensions between the two. E4's groundbreaking hormone-fest wrapped up on August 5, 2013 - with an older Cook (Jack O'Connell) heading off into an uncertain future at the close of 'Rise (Part Two)'.Cook was but one of 27 major characters featured on - across its first two series.Megan Prescott has occasionally popped up on British telly since fashion, the whole thing ended horribly when Naomi developed terminal cancer.Lily Loveless - yep, that's her real name - has gone on to become quite the accomplished actress, with her credits including The oddball Alo was an optimistic soul, best friends with rocker Rich (Alex Arnold) and - at the close of series six - was unexpectedly thrust into fatherhood when Mini (Freya Mavor) fell pregnant.It's a far cry from the chavtastic 'Cook' who saw O'Connell show off his acting prowess as a 16-year-old womaniser who would rather carouse than show any hint of his real feelings.

A recipient of the BAFTA rising star award, his next project is playing late fashion designer Alexander Mc Queen in a biopic of his life.Patel, 26, may not have had the biggest role in Skins, but his star has certainly been in the ascendance since he first appeared as Anwar Kharral.Kharral wasn't entirely respectful of his religion, eating pork, indulging in pre-marital sex and taking drugs.Rising star Scodelario capitalised on early movie roles in 2009's and killing off the good ones?Freddie shared a tumultuous relationship with Effy, which ended when her jealous psychiatrist Dr.Lewis's career has been varied since Prim and proper Grace - who had a secret wild side - was the daughter of Professor Blood (Chris Addison) and met an untimely end in Morocco, though her 'spirit' appeared in future episodes.