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Ohno's days were spent with morning swimming practices, followed by schooling, and finally skating practices in the afternoon.When Ohno was 12, he won the Washington state championship in the breaststroke but preferred inline speed skating over swimming.

Ohno's parents divorced when he was an infant, and he was raised in Seattle by his father.

His father chose to name his son Apolo after the Greek words "Apo," which means to "steer away from" and "lo," which means "look out; here he comes." When Ohno was very young, his father meticulously researched childcare providers to care for his son during his long work hours.

As he grew older, his father became concerned his son would become a latchkey kid, so he got his son involved with competitive swimming and quad-speed roller skating at age 6.

His father wanted to encourage Ohno to develop his skills and, although Ohno was underage, he got him admitted to the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center in 1996 to train full-time for short track. Ohno adjusted his training and made a comeback winning the 1997 U. Senior Championships overall title, taking a gold medal in the 1500 m, a silver in the 300 m, and came in fourth in the 500 m races.

At 13 years of age, Ohno was the youngest skater admitted to the center. At the age of 14, he became the youngest person to win the title.

He has stated that by the time he turned 13 years of age he attended parties with older teenagers if he did not have competitions on the weekends.

His father has stated that it was a struggle balancing his son's desire for independence while helping him reach his potential as a young athlete.He later switched from the instruction of Benton Redford, a National Champion, to a team in Federal Way, WA called Pattisons Team Extreme and became a national inline speedskating champion and record holder himself.His father used Inline Speedskating to fill his spare time.Shani is a great athlete, skated a great race, and deserves to be on the team." The final verdict was that O'Hare's claims went unproven, all three were absolved of guilt, and the claim was dismissed.After the dismissal, Ohno stated, "I am thrilled that the arbitration process has officially vindicated me...Davis' first-place finish earned enough points to move past Tommy O'Hare in the final point standings and to qualify for sixth place.

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