Anna paquin dating true blood costar

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Anna paquin dating true blood costar

His big screen breakthrough was in a very different project - comic book adaptation Prince Valiant in 1997, in which he played the title role, opposite Katherine Heigl.That led him to star in US TV movie Highlander: The Raven, while he also bagged telly roles in Cold Feet, Peak Practice, The Grand, Waking The Dead and Casualty.

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The series’ brand of unbridled bayou coupling reached its peak when Moyer, Paquin and co-star Alexander Sarsgaard appeared naked (and streaked with fake blood) on the cover of Rolling Stone. Moyer, 47, is now married to Paquin and the father of four.

Stephen Moyer is a 47-year-old English actor and director, born in Brentwood, Essex.

He's best-known for playing the male lead in US drama True Blood, playing vampire Bill Compton.

STEPHEN Moyer may have made his name playing an American vampire, but the English actor is back on British TV.

Here's the scoop on the former True Blood star, who has taken the lead role on ITV's Safe House...

In series two of ITV drama Safe House, which was totally rewritten when former actor Christoper Ecclestone dropped out, Stephen plays the lead role - former detective Tom Brook.

The story kicks off when Tom hears news of a shocking abduction, convincing him that a killer he once investigated and brought to justice - the so-called Crow - has returned.Film roles in the noughties included parts in Quills, Princess Of Thieves and 88 Minutes.Then in 2008 HBO spotted him and cast him as American vampire Bill Compton, one of the show's main villains and the love interest of lead female character Sookie Stockhouse.He has no option except to run.” The family’s journey is fraught with peril; at the end of the series premiere, Reed was separated from Andy, his wife Kate (Amy Acker) and their daughter, Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind). “A lot of it is about them coming together and finding a path forward. “Not only did we become friends, there were times during that production where two or three minutes before I’m getting ready to shoot [a scene] he would say to me, ‘Why are we here? “I like the fact [that] Reed’s a parent,” Moyer says. I have a 15-year-old in LA and a 17-year-old in London.Once you have everything taken away from you and you can’t go anywhere, what do you do? It was really nice to play a character who has the same responsibilities as I have.But he landed that role a whole 15 years after beginning his on-screen career.