Android ics email widget not updating

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If you understand things, take precautions, create backups and do things carefully, you’ll never be caught into an uncomfortable situation.Here are a few tips that that will help you keep things under your control and you will be able to not only keep all your data safe, but also restore your device to its normal condition.

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To backup your Samsung Galaxy phone’s IMEI or EFS data, read our guide by clicking the following link: How to Backup and Restore EFS Data / IMEI on Samsung Galaxy Devices In case you have a low/mid-range Galaxy device from Samsung, you can use an app called Galaxy Tool Box for the purpose.

According to a survey, 80% of Android phone users live happy with an unrooted device and the reasons for this are various- some people think of it as a sort of criminal activity, some are afraid of losing warranty, some are afraid of bricking their phone, while most people do not even know about the existence of a term like “rooting”.

If you are one who has enclosed himself in side that great wall of security and have doubt in mind related to rooting, do not forget to read the following article: Anyways, the procedures like rooting and installing a custom ROM is a bit risky and it’s true, but if you go through it carefully, no harm will ever done to your Android device.

Here are some good free apps for you that will let you do this without touching the hard keys.

If you have installed a custom ROM, you need not install any such app separately as most ROM developers integrate the boot options in the ROM itself.

Download: Galaxy Tool (187.15 KB)If you are a hard-core Android enthusiast who likes to play with new ROMs and mods every now and then, be careful or you might damage the hardware keys of your Android phone.

Since booting into the recovery mode of a phone or tablet requires hard-pressing of a certain combination of hardware keys, doing it frequently can have a negative effect on the functioning of these keys.

Besides, we have a vast collection of methods of entering Fastboot, Bootloader, Download and Recovery modes on most Android devices.

Being able to install a custom ROM on your Android phone means that you have installed a custom recovery like Clockwork Mod or TWRP on your Android device.

Android being an Open Source operating system for mobile phones, offers limitless possibilities of optimization and customization as per your requirements.

Half the charm of an Android phone lies in the root-based apps, beautiful mods and patches, and custom ROMs.

Well, having a custom recovery on any phone is a great advantage.

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