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In the morning hours of Daryl Smith's 44th birthday, Morgan Smith approached Daryl Smith and his girlfriend, Andrea Stranko, in front of four other people and fired the shotgun, striking Daryl Smith and fatally wounding Stranko.She was there, prosecutors say, with a plan to kill Stranko and then kill herself.

It’s uncanny how Maeva looks just like Coraline."The only sad part of it all is David’s wife Coraline, who is naturally devastated about what has happened," they added to The Sun.

The buckshot pellets entered Daryl's shoulder as he made a move to protect Stranko, who collapsed and died on the front lanai of the rental house in the 2700 block of South Sanford Boulevard.

Witnesses restrained Morgan Smith before she could turn the gun on herself, and waited until North Port officers responded.

But in reality the property entrepreneur is 56 and turns 57 in March.

Former Blue Peter presenter Anthea, 57, married Bovey in 2000 but the couple divorced in 2015 on the grounds of his adultery.

It (the story) makes it look like he's cheated on my mum and is a b*****d."It was her decision.

She was upset that the marriage was officially over but she's coping a lot better now."It was very difficult at first, there's been a lot to cope with over the years, a lot of different things that have made it difficult for everyone, and a lot of pressure on everyone."Andrea - who is a football agent - is very close to his famous father, who turns 50 in January.

This week, a Sarasota County jury must decide whether what happened next was first-degree murder by a spurned lover or the actions of a woman with long-standing mental illness who was insane when she pulled the trigger.

Most of the facts from March 28, 2010, will not be questioned.

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Andrea Ginola, 24, has questioned whether or not his father's new girlfriend Maeva Denat, 27, would still be with him if he wasn't a celebrity and despite reports likening her to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, Andrea insisted she's nothing of the kind. She just happened to be in the right place at the right time."The question I keep asking myself is if my dad were a baker living in the North of France and earning 1,500 euros a month would she still want to be with him? I want my dad to find someone who has goals in life," he is said to have added to the Mail Online.

The businessman — declared bankrupt in 2010 — had an affair with socialite Zoe de Mallet Morgan and was accused in the CBB house of trying to woo Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson.