Americans dating british women

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Americans dating british women

Well, at least that's what they would like us to believe.It might actually be true since a full 63% of Latvians claim no religious affiliation, but that number is considerably lower among the women in Latvia.

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Latvia, like all the countries of the in the former Soviet Union still has a world class education system and Latvia has a university entrance rate that puts most western countries to shame.Among Latvians that claim any affiliation Lutherans leads the way at 19%.Another important consideration when dating a woman from Latvia is your clothes.You might be pleasantly surprised to know that Latvia has the highest ratio of women to men according to the Guinness book of records.You will be even more impressed when you see what these women look like.About 30% of Latvian women are actually ethnic Russians, which has caused some political problems recently.

Latvia probably has a more tense relationship with Russia than any of the nations of the former Soviet Union.

So when you are talking to her you need to respect the fact that she is probably going to be more educated than you are and wise in the way of worldly matters.

If you talk down to her you are not going to get very far at all.

Americans who tend to being more informal can sometimes come across as abrasive to Latvians.

Just remember to maintain good manners when you are talking with your Latvian date and you will find that there are few problems.

While Latvian women are very friendly they can also be quite reserved.

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