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They do not want to be responsible for ‘raising’ men.

the best marriages today are better than the best marriages of earlier eras; indeed, they are the best marriages that the world has ever known.”Because marriage for many is no longer a gateway to adulthood, but rather an optional “capstone,” it’s held to a higher standard.

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Regnerus also argues that the easy availability of sex makes men less motivated in their professional lives, because they don’t need to become successful, i.e., marriageable, to woo women to their beds.

While this may sound dubious, there is an established precedent for this theory in the field.

So they ghost and flake and dither about committing to one person.

Many women don’t need what resources men have to offer, anyway; they have their own.

There is a long history of what he calls the “exchange relationship,” in which women control men’s access to sex.

In order to get it, men bring to the table resources, commitment, and fidelity.

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Regnerus’s underlying premise is sound: Many studies have found that, on average, men want sex more than women, and women value having sex in the context of commitment more than men do (though of course individuals differ).

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