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But only 4,800 have suffered lacerations and nerve damage from the mesh breaking into tiny fragments.However, campaigners stress these are just the tip of the iceberg and that actually there are thousands more - but they have been kept silent.

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The alarming evidence prompted officials in three US states to suspend the practice and saw them call for an urgent review into its safety.Controversial vaginal mesh implants should be banned, Nice said last week.The health watchdog recommends the 'gold-standard' implants should not be routinely offered for treating organ prolapse but instead just used for research or after patients are made aware of the risks.Anyone wanting to donate to Ms Brjacic's family can do so here.According to the NHS and MHRA, the risk of vaginal mesh pain after an implant is between one and three per cent.Because it did not require specialist training to implant, outraged women have since begged for tougher regulations to conduct such surgery.

Vaginal mesh has been considered a high-risk device for nearly a decade in the US, with bodies accepting up to 40 per cent of women may experience injury.

The health watchdog only commented on organ prolapse and not urinary incontinence or hernias, which implants are also used for.

At the time, it was reported that at least 800 women were suing the NHS and device manufacturers.

Leading mesh manufacturer Johnson & Johnson was forced to pay out million in September to a woman fitted with the implant.

Ella Ebaugh, 51, from Philadelphia, was awarded the eight-figure sum after a jury found the company to be negligent and its product defective.

However, it is unsure how many women are now looking to take action in Britain.

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