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In order for members of the public to provide inmates with funds, some information will be required.A partial listing of local agents may be found on the Public Information link on this page. You must be at least age 18, or accompanied by a parent, or the child or spouse of an inmate. Letters may not be scented, perfumed or have lipstick or body fluids of any kind.Questions about jail operations, policies and procedures may be referred to the Lieutenant's Office at the jail. No bare midriffs, low cut tops, mini skirts, or see-through clothing. Visiting days and times are: A Block - Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. Inmates may not receive magazines unless sent directly from the publisher. A complete listing of rules governing inmate mail may be found on the Public Information link on this page.Get ready for some of the the hottest cheap phone sex lines on the internet.We are filthy talking, cock loving sluts who will do everything to please you when you call.There's no time wasting here, just steamy, sexy phone sex waiting for you when you call.

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No information regarding inmate movement, including court dates, medical, and dental appointments will be released by facility staff. Telephone messages will not be accepted by facility staff. Local calls are free of charge during the booking process.

No personal items for inmates of any kind, including clothing, will be accepted at the facility (except prescription medication in the original container). Inmates have access to phones for outgoing calls during the booking process, and, once housed, inmates have access to phones for outgoing calls from 6 a.m. Once housed, all calls must be made either collect, or using a phone card purchased at the facility.

Many questions about the jail and inmate life may be answered by visiting the FAQ section of the County Home Page.

This section is located under E-Services, and departments are sorted alphabetically.

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