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What really chafes Kondabolu’s sensibilities is the fact that Apu is voiced by a white actor who Kondabolu desperately wants to interview in his film.His quest to pin down Azaria adds a necessary mystery framework to “The Problem with Apu,” making it something other than a simple examination of a troubling character. That question becomes a pendulum of tension hanging over this lively work, and although a person can probably guess what the answer is, to Kondabolu’s credit, he keeps the viewer wondering, and hoping, until the very end.

Kamau Bell about the history of minstrelsy in the United States, drawing parallels between Apu and some truly cringeworthy footage of actors in blackface in early 20Springfield itself is supposed to be a stand-in for Any Town, U. A., a stewpot of people from all walks of life where nearly everybody’s yellow except for the town’s black and brown residents, a group that includes Homer’s drinking buddy Carl, Officer Lou and, yes, Apu.With an easy to use search tool, you can locate potential partners who live nearby or new friends from anywhere in the world.It's all up to you how you want to communicate or if you even want to meet.Carl and Lou are more or less assimilated minorities in Springfield, who speak with the same indistinct speech patterns as everyone else.But not Apu, and as the series lays out, that choice is Azaria’s.As primetime animated series go, it is more clever than crude, erring on the side of rowdy humor as opposed to raunchiness.

And a number of its passionate fans may not want to confront any implication that their favorite cartoon also is a potent perpetuator of a damaging stereotype.The comedian also broadens the context of his critique beyond Hollywood by chatting with critics, scholars and other public figures as Dr. Mike Reiss, a writer and producer for “The Simpsons,” and “Simpson” writer and co-executive producer Dana Gould also chat with Kondabolu to give him a viewpoint from behind the scenes of the show that’s both illuminating and sobering.The harshest aspect of “A Problem with Apu” is reserved, by implication, for Azaria.In a perfect world, succession planning goes smoothly and a carefully selected internal candidate can be groomed into an expected vacancy.When no other site meets your strict dating requirements, check out Pee Bar - where singles who love being dirty come together to celebrate their kinkiness.Try it today, and see if you can't find yourself someone special tonight.