Accomodating eye lens

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Accomodating eye lens - dating someone going through a divorce with kids

I am 67 yrs old, I have cataracts both eyes, left eye cataract level 3.5, right eye 2.5, the doctor asked me can you read with out glasses I said yes then he picked nearsighted at -2.50 for monofocal IOL.He says I will be able to read at 16" not more or less without glasses.

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Right now I can not read without glasses at arm's length and I can take off my glasses read upclose at 6" not farther I need my glasses to read or cook or read computer. Thank you, I am just learning and just want to make the right here is my RXOD Sph -2.75 Cyl -2.00 Axis 070 add 2.50OS Sph -3.00 Cyl -2.00 Axis 093 add 2.50Am I myopia?Also, there are other side effects associated with Crystalens, such as astigmatism, which can happen if the lens shifts position in the eye during the healing process.Like accommodating lenses, multifocal lenses are considered an optional, premium lens, cost more than standard monofocal lenses, and are usually not covered by vision insurance.Patients with signs of cataracts before LASIK should not have LASIK because vision may be corrected with the intraocular lens used for cataract surgery.Ironically, after LASIK the altered corneal surface causes inaccurate measurement of the intraocular lens power for cataract surgery.In clinical studies, 80% patients who underwent cataract surgery and received a Crystalens implant achieved 20/20 vision or better vision, which is impressive.

Find an Eye Doctor: Minneapolis Eye Doctor Kansas City Eye Doctor Eye Doctors St Louis Eye Doctor Las Vegas Edison Eye Doctor Forest Hills Eye Doctor Eye Doctor in New York City Columbus Eye Doctor Philadelphia Eye Doctor Eye Doctors Austin Eye Doctor Dallas Fort Worth Eye Doctor Eye Doctor Houston Seattle Eye Doctor Washington D. Eye Doctor Find a LASIK Surgeon: Lasik New York City Los Angeles Lasik Chicago Lasik Lasik Houston Philadelphia Lasik Lasik Phoenix San Diego Lasik eye Lasik San Francisco Dallas Lasik Lasik in San Jose Crystalens vs Monofocal Lens If you receive a standardmonofocal IOL during your cataract procedure instead of one that corrects presbyopia, you typically would have great distance vision but would needreading glassesto sharpen near vision.He discuss about arm's length he thinks to add from -2.50 to 2.75 so I can read alittle bit closer to 13" without glasses.Sadly, I know I will not be able to see close up as I can see upclose to 6" without glasses, both eyes are different, left eye at 5" and right eye at 6". I don't understand how it works the IOL power for far distance?I read some here on this site and find some people prefer far distance rather than near. If you developed early cataracts after LASIK, are facing cataract surgery after LASIK, or experienced a poor outcome from cataract surgery after LASIK, you are invited to join the discussion on Face Book Most eye surgeries, including LASIK, carry risk of cataracts.When the ciliary muscle of the eye contracts it causes the lens to move forward and the patient can focus on objects that are near.

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