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Come to bed and I apply some cooling cream." I followed her to her room with my head lowered.

However also my next attempt was unsuccessful and I walked a couple of times around the block.

All that really means is there's some bigger and sicker updates on the way I promise.

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I jerked off every evening, thinking about our two magical encounters. She was sitting majestically on her bed with me kneeling in front of her.

I felt her hand on the back of my head and how she forcefully drew me closer.

Finally –it was already dark and around 10p.m.- I rang the bell again and after what felt like half an eternity, Leila opened the door. Her endless, velvet long black hair framed the probably most beautiful face I have ever seen. She sat in the only upholstered chair and as soon as I wanted to give her a kiss she moved her head back and gave me a sign to sit on the floor. Leila, I realized that I need you and I am willing to do whatever you ask from me." Like so often when I am excited I was over enthusiastic.

She did not take too much notice of me and just walked straight into the living room. I was a little bit shocked by her coolness but too much exited to get upset about it. Just one thing beforehand, once decided I expect you to stick to your word." She looked me straight in the face with a determined expression. "I am really glad that you decided this way" she said smilingly. Her tongue explored my mouth and our kissing made me so hot that I thought my pants are going to explode. As soon as I stood naked, erected and fully to her attention in front of her chair, she informed me that "I will lay out some ground rules which will define our relationship from now on.It was just too tempting, So much out of the ordinary which made me incredible curious as well.Where is this beautiful woman going to take me on our journey? I wanted to be a part of her life and was willing to be owned by her.However disciplining you is not just a kick but also very important for you to physically realize your position in contrast to mine in our relationship." She smiled when we both got up and I slowly walked to the chair, laying my upper body over the backrest and lowering my head to the height of her crotch. It was the first step into my submission and I realized that this was everything I ever longed for.She sat on the chair and I continued to kiss her feet, mumbling words through my sobs. Thank you Leila for teaching me." "It is okay now, baby. I am very proud how eager you are to go down this rocky road.I could feel her warm thighs, smell her pussy, taste her sweet juices and see her magnificent body lying shivering on the bed. I pictured the scene of me kneeling in front of her and jerking off under her dark and watchful eyes. Finally she allowed me to come on her magnificent feet. Afterwards I was always a little bit more rational and dismissed the idea to be owned by her as kind of ridiculous.

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    Other times you really like someone and it doesn’t work out, and you’ve probably wondered if there was anything you could’ve done differently.